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 Since moving to Norfolk in 1997 I have been painting landscapes.  A lot of my work is small in scale, because I paint directly in the landscape. The pictorial content of my work is not only a direct response to a purely visual stimulus: I search for imagery that will operate on more than one level.  Whilst the paintings are a direct observed testament of a specific and actual time they are also the result of  layering meaning,so that they are as much about what the eye can not percieve as they are about the observed world. My strongest influences have been painters in the northern romantic tradition,  Casper David Friedrich  said " the painter should not solely paint what he sees, but also what he sees in himself.  If he does not see anthing in himself, then he should give up painting what he sees.



1985Graduated from SUNY Purchase School of Fine Art, NY, USA
1962Born in South Africa

Exhibition History

2018Salthouse Church
2017The Gallery Norfolk
2016Veranda Gallery Norwich
2015Wivition Cafe Group Show
2014Highgate Contemporary Art
2014Norwich Castle birds
2014Paint Out Norwich
2014Norfolk Contemporary Art at the Forum
2013summer farago Highgate Contemporary Art
2012Summer exhibition, Bircham Gallery
2011 ,material world selected show at the Forum Norwich
2011Varanda Gallery Norwich
2010Veranda Gallery, Norwich
2009Gathering Storm, The Queen of Hungary
2009Steven Walton Fine Art, Bury St. Edmonds
2009The Wiverton Cafe,Norfolk
2009Regatta Fine Art, Burnham Market
2008Norwich contemporary Landscape,Norwich Castle